Simply stated a traffic lawyer deals with traffic matters such as moving violations, including speeding, red-light violations, driving while intoxicated and impaired reckless driving parking tickets, driving on a suspended or revoked license, overweight violations and driver licensing

An experienced traffic attorney will be familiar with the Courts and the judicial system as well as the Motor Vehicle Administration, which is part of the executive branch of our government.

An experienced traffic attorney understands the rules of the court system and how to use these rules to protect your driving privilege. They also understand the constructional protections provided under the United States Constitution.

The protections include

  • The right to a jury trial
  • The right to be free of unreasonable searches and seizure
  • The prohibition against double jeopardy
  • The right to remain silent
  • And many more

They also understand the rules of the court and the rules of evidence. The rules of the court control issues such as how a police radar unit has to be certified, when can an appeal be taken and where it is filed.  The rules of evidence control issues such as hearsay, admission of evidence of multiple types, how to prove that an individual under the influence of drugs or alcohol, when a prior crime may be admitted against a defendant, and what the prosecutor is permitted to say to the judge or jury.

There is a traffic offense in Maryland that is called “unsafe lane change”. One of the elements of unsafe lane change is that the Defendant knew that it was unsafe to change lanes. This is impossible for the police officer or prosecutor to establish that the defendant knew it was unsafe. But I regularly see unrepresented individuals plead guilty to the offense wasting their money on a fine and needlessly getting points.

A good traffic lawyer works hard to have their client’s case dismissed, sent into a diversion program, or obtain the minimum number of points on their license and can be an investment that will reduce your future insurance costs.

Hiring a qualified and experienced traffic attorney is an effective method to reduce the impact of a traffic violation on your driving record and your future insurance bills.

How to find a good traffic lawyer is easy. Give us a call now.